We accept all sports and all ages for one on one coaching


Everyone in our one on one program will  be evaluated by the head coach for performance deficits and imbalances that could lead to injuries. This will be used to structure the program around the individuals needs.


We start by establishing strength and athletic measures and then we set goals to overcome these. Within four weeks we will retest to establish improvements in these areas. Our methods ensure improvements.


We talk with each athlete and establish a skill or sport priority to focus on while training. Whether it is a volleyball player wanting to jump higher and hit harder, or a track star focused on his 100M dash we will customize the program to achieve these goals.


We offer in house nutritional strategies to help each athlete achieve their goals. Whether it be to gain as much muscle as possible or to lean out we have strategies for both. We offer intra workout fuel and post workout nutrition to help optimize the programs effectiveness.

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The Effects of Glucose Supplementation on Barbell Velocity and Fatiguability in Weightlifting - A pilot study"

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The Accute Effects of Different Squat Intensities On Jump Performance

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