Once per month we screen our group programs to find deficits within the members. This allows us to add additional work for individuals suffering from an imbalance and it helps us correct our focus for the following month's training. 


Our facility has an atmosphere that extracts the best out of each person. Our members constantly build eachother up while also pushing them to the next level. We all share the same goal that the name ENDUNAMOO embodies - be stronger.


Each of our group programs is named after the sport that its members want to improve the most towards. All sports benefit from strength, but after that we veer towards sport specific goals. For example, soccer emphasizes sprint abilities while volleyball needs jump performance, and baseball works on shoulder care and rotational power. Strength is never a weakness, but each sport comes with its own needs.


We offer in house nutritional strategies to help each athlete achieve their goals. Whether it be to gain as much muscle as possible or to lean out we have strategies for both. We offer intra workout fuel and post workout nutrition to help optimize the programs effectiveness.

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The Accute Effects of Different Squat Intensities On Jump Performance

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