Have you wanted to improve your game but you're not sure how to fuel your body let alone how to stretch or warm up properly? Different sports create different energy demands - meaning a cross country runner shouldn't eat the same as a baseball player.

Maybe you want to gain 30 pounds of muscle but you just don't know where to start? PRO TIP: If you think you eat enough you probably don't.

Perhaps you'd like to lean out but you think that the sight of chocolate makes you gain weight? PRO TIP: It might be the constant little snacks or lack of protein in your daily diet.

Are you interested in learning more and gaining a better insight in your own life??

What if I told you this option exists, for FREE, and it's only 12 pages from cover to cover. If you're ready to improve you game and BE A BETTER ATHLETE then click the link below.

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The impact of three different forms of warm up on performance

The Effects of Glucose Supplementation on Barbell Velocity and Fatiguability in Weightlifting - A pilot study"

The Accute Effects Of Different Squat Intensities on Vertical Jump Performances
The Accute Effects of Different Squat Intensities On Jump Performance

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