The Unattractive Coach

Many of us are driven by an internal attraction. Like a moth to the light, if something wets our appetite we fixate on feeding it. Marketing majors are taught to entice this hidden agenda that we all have in many different ways. During the Super Bowl, we see the major companies of America try their best to draw us in with 30 seconds and 4.5 million dollars. One commercial tries to garner us with confused interest (Puppy, monkey, baby 2016), others with sad emotion (Nationwide 2015), or another just with raw humor (Kia 2017). Whether or not their product is the best, they have drawn you into their world and your only a signature away from buying what they're selling.

The world of coaching is no different. The Wichita Falls area has gained a globo gym which has spent more money beautifying itself with advertising than we brought in last year. This gym is swallowing up as many members as they can to feed the machine that has been created. No matter where you look, the gym just seems attractive. Everything is modern looking, you can't listen to the radio for more than 10 minutes without hearing an ad, and they have blitzed the community with fliers. They've wet the towns appetite.And yet, Endunamoo Strength & Conditioning is still growing.

I currently have a very young powerlifter who has potential. With time she could be phenomenal. At her first meet she tied all of the state records with ease, and we were already planning her next victory. But then her mom began getting "free advice" from other dad-coaches - those guys who advance themselves to master coach status because they have a kid with a talent. His suggestion was to do the things that only world champion powerlifters do. Only use certain bars, do certain programs only, buy gear to train with, etc etc. This girl who learned to Sumo deadlift 2 months ago will not respond the same as a women who has been powerlifting for over 15 years. You have to learn to walk before you run. If you run too soon eventually you fall, and you fall hard. And yet, without all of these gimmicks she is still getting stronger at an alarming rate.

These points are brought up so that I can confess something to you. I am an unattractive coach. According to my wife I am handsome, but my style of coaching and business is relatively unattractive compared to our world. We bring in new athletes because parents see that their kid jumps 4 inches higher, 12 inches further, and plays way better. We get more people because one of our baseball athletes who has always struggled with hitting the ball to outfield smokes his first ever home run. We get more athletes because one of our Soccer players has horrible knee pain when he starts and after 2 months his knees no longer ache and he can run faster. I don't have to beautify the product when it's effects are so obviously worth it.

Likewise our training program is not instaworthy. I post on Instagram a lot, but the videos don't go viral because they're boring. You typically see an athlete perform a drill or lift, and then underneath I've typed a long paragraph about why we do this training or movement. YAWN. People want the cool cone drills and masks and risky moves. That, however, does not produce the results athletes want. A foundation has to be made before a building can be built. Our program is designed to evolve as the athlete does, which means at different points we work on the foundation and at others we work on the tip top. It's never wasted time because it looks cool. It is simply effective.

We will always lose athletes to those who get caught by the internal attraction to what's pretty. But there are those who want to grind with us and lay the foundation and get better. To them we say thank you for seeing past the fluff and for doing what actually produces results.

When I travel to club or school I typically have to give a speech that is brought out by a bad workout. It puts us all in perspective to get back to doing what isn't pretty with everything that we have.

" I did not go to school for six years, put my research in journals, and open a business to make you just burn calories. If you do not try and work for me with driven purpose, then you are simply wasting time. Our goal is to get better, and be less likely to get hurt. If you don't try for me then don't pretend. Just don't do it at all. Be honest with me and with you."

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