Taking a Look Back

I have been BEGGING Drew to write this article but he is busy guys, really busy. So I finally manned up and put fingers to keyboard. We have been talking a lot about the gym and how blessed Endu is and how blessed this family is and how only through God it is all possible. So I want to look back at 2016 and give God the glory and praise that is due.

                In 2016, I was personally struggling with the gym and what it meant to me and it’s purpose and how I played into it all. So, after much anxiety and trying to solve things on my own, I began to pray. And just like God promises, he heard my prayers and brought the idea of expanding the gym. Not ironic at all that Drew had also been having the same thoughts. My answer to a prayer about me, turned into the nudge that Drew needed to set this gym into something greater. As you know, we used to be in Century Plaza. How in the world we all fit in there, I have no idea. We must have really liked each other, or tolerated each other really well. But anyways, with a ton of help from our friends, we moved in to the new location. To say it needed work would be an understatement. Drew was pumped when he saw it. I didn’t see a gym whatsoever. But Drew has always had a larger vision than me anyways. Our clients and friends worked tirelessly with us from sun up to sun down and we finally moved in at the beginning of June. We now have over 15 yd of turf, multiple platforms, several places to squat and bench, and a TV!! Guys, we made it! But let’s be honest. Although this was a huge provision for us, that took a back seat to everything else that happened.

                Drew and the MSU powerlifting team helped run a powerlifting meet at MSU. We had an Olympic lifting athlete compete at his first ever (and Endu’s first ever) competition and crushed it! We have grown our MSU and Endu powerlifting team and competed in numerous events last year. We added female lifters to our roster, which is something that I, personally, had prayed about very heavily. (How awesome for young athletes in the gym to have strong, capable, God-fearing females in the gym to look up to!) And we hosted a spring and winter deadlift competitions with some sick prizes from some great companies like: Donuts and Deadlifts, Original Nutritionals, Caffeine and Kilos, and more!

                Drew spoke at the TACSM conference where he presented his thesis (which is over the different methods of warming up). Oh yeah, and graduated with his masters from MSU in May! He knows his stuff, guys! He also did post graduate work with the university as they tested and completed a study using the push velocity device to measure the effects of glucose supplementation during Olympic lifting.

Drew then proceeded to sign with 2 select teams: FCDT soccer and Elite volleyball. They have been huge blessings for us as we hope they are being blessed as well. We have grown so much with our list of athletes and clients that we even had to bring on and hire coaches. I am now a coach at the gym along with Jake and Zac. Sometimes we are double booked, others we are triple booked.

To say that we are blessed is a huge understatement but that continues to be the only word that comes to mind as we look back and look forward to 2017. Per usual, this wouldn’t be possible without all of you and we thank you for loving us so well, believing in us, and working so hard for us, yourself, your teams, and God. #douendu

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