New Year New You?

Are you thinking about joining a gym for the new years? With literally dozens of gyms withing a ten mile radius it's hard to decide what to do. There are even new globosized gyms being rushed into existence before the new-years resolutioners. The bait has been set and now YOU have to pick what to do. Kudos for wanting to improve you health with a new lifestyle choice, but if you're not careful you will be trapped in a contract with no results.

For starters I want to say that I am non-biased in this post. Although I own a gym, we cater to athletics which is a year round endeavor. I am constantly asked if I am ready for the new years rush, and I have to either laugh and say "sure am" or sit them down and explain for 10 minutes what we actually do and how the new years rush doesn't exist for me. I try and choose the former more than the latter. I'm bad at that.

I also want to say that I have worked for a couple commercial gyms which have catered to the new years rush - So I kind of know what I'm talking about.

A very popular gym in America right now is Planet Fitness. The planet fitness business model is quite genius when you think about it. How could a gym with that much equipment, in a prime location, with a 24 hour staff be able to sell 10 dollar a month memberships? Because they try and cater to the demographic of individuals who will not use their membership. If they have a gym capacity of 300 people they will try and have over 1500 active members (these are generalized numbers). Now, if you can do math you'll realize that there is no way 1500 people can fit in a 300 person capacity gym, let alone workout. They are betting on you not using your gym membership, which allows them to sell even more and make more money. But, a 10 dollar a month payment is so low that you won't contest it when you stop working out. Even if you contest it though, it doesn't matter because YOU ARE IN A CONTRACT. Although PF is one of the more common examples this applies to all major chains like Gold's and so on.

It's sad but their business model is built upon you not working out. They want to draw you in with a low cost sign up fee, and then a high-cost long-term contract. When I worked at a commercial gym my paycheck depended on how much you would pay per month, and how many months that you signed up for. It's all about the contract.

Here are some things to look for when picking a gym for your resolutions:
  • NON CONTRACT - if possible avoid the contract
  • CLASSES or COACHES - you are more likely to stick to your goal if there are classes or instructors to keep you motivated
  • GROUP GOALS/ATMOSPHERE - if the gym has an objective (like our powerlifters want to be strong together) you are more likely to keep training
  •  NO FRILLS - when the gym puts more effort getting you into the facility and signing the contract than into your training plan it's not the right place. They're the wizard behind the curtain hoping your don't last long enough to see the truth.

I want you to improve you life and health this season, but I want you not to get trapped and hand your money to an organization that could care less about you personally. 

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