How The Wrong Workout Can Make You Worse

Hard Work makes the dream work - Right?

In a world where everyone is striving to be on top of the mountain, being slowed down is not an option. I know that no one is intentionally spending hours working towards a steady decline in performance, but it happens and I see it all of the time. There is a reason that we add an average of 2 inches to the vertical jump in 4 weeks to everyone who trains here. This includes people who have been working out religiously.

But how can this happen? Isn't working out just WORKING?

Working out can just be work for instagram fit-models, but for the rest of us trying to perform better it takes more than a sweat inducing session to get results. The second that exercise starts being for more than just burning calories there should be a structured path to success that aids in goals, and doesn't waste time.

The concept that all workouts produce desired results is like assuming that studying for any class will help you pass Calculus. 

The exercise, set and rep scheme, and intensity load that is practical for a marathon runner will not be the same for a basketball player. This truth extends beyond the barbell and reaches into all forms of training too. I don't know how many times I will have to tell my athletes that they don't need to run 3 miles to get in shape. There are only a few sports that will take an athlete over the course of several miles. On Average a soccer player will run 6 miles, a tennis player will run 3, and a basketball player will run between 1 and 2. It would make sense for these athletes to have the aerobic capacity to work long enough to cover this distance, but it doesn't have to be from the same method. Running for distance is typically a maintained speed that doesn't drastically change, however, all of the above sports require sprinting to get the job done. Conditioning for each sport should involve more sprints and change of direction training  than miles haphazardly ran.

On top of that, explosiveness and power will not be improved from jogging miles. You may be able to maintain a low to moderate amount of exertion for a long period of time, but that won't make up for getting out jumped and out ran. MILES DO NOT MAKE YOU MORE EXPLOSIVE.

Running miles isn't the only misused workout for athletes. Everything from not squatting through a full range of motion (BELOW PARALELL) to performing low velocity lifts only can harm on field performance. At Endu we avoid making these mistakes to improve weaknesses.

Do not let the wrong workout keep you from climbing the mountain towards your success. 

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