5 Keys To A Higher Vertical: #2 Strength

Nearly every athlete that comes to our facility wants to improve their vertical jump. Although not every sport is as jump specific as basketball or volleyball, having a higher vertical is proof of more power. And more power always translates to an advantage in sport. All colleges and professional leagues look at the vertical jump when they seriously scout a player. There is a reason that I am able to increase our athletes vertical jump by an average of 2 inches in just 4 weeks. I have a long term strategy, a knowledge of exercise and weight selection, and a set of key principles that all aid in improving jump abilities. So, for the next few posts I will give away 5 key principals that I use in training to improve the vertical jump of my athletes. My first post was about mechanics and you can click here to see it. My current post is about IMPROVING STRENGTH.

I feel as though this point is pretty obvious. Stronger muscles can produce more force. The formula for vertical jump is acceleration equals net Force divided by mass (a=Fnet/m). I just used math to prove that you need to get stronger to jump higher.

But strength is a mute point when it's not improved in the right areas. Adding a 30 pounds to your benchpress does not translate to a vertical jump. Likewise improving strength in a partial range of motion may not improve jump abilities either. I make sure to coach my athletes through a full range of motion on squat and deadlifts. That means squatting below parallel and deadlifting to a complete lockout. A deeper squat will improve the muscle activation of the hamstrings and quads, and a complete deadlift will improve hip strengthening. These are crucial muscle groups in jumping.

Remember, deep squats are good for the soul and the more force you can produce the more acceleration you can create.

God Bless and I hope to see you in here soon!

- Coach Drew
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