Oh, hey guys. It's been a while.

I know I've been hit or miss when it comes to writing and posting but I have a good excuse. I was helping create a hoard of athletes. Like killer bees working their way up from South America, we were pumping out a new breed of competitor the likes of which Wichita Falls hasn't seen. This is just a prefaced warning to their competitors.

Hyperbole aside, some crazy things have happened this summer. For example, once I (coach Drew) finished my masters degree we moved locations from an 800 square foot office space to a 5500 square foot brick building. We signed on with two local club teams for both soccer and volleyball. Most amazing of all was that God blessed us financially enough to do all of this. We have essentially done something that hasn't happened in Wichita Falls before. We started a strength and conditioning gym that focuses on sports performance and development and we haven't had to succumb to abandoning this pursuit to keep the doors open. Our membership is 87% high school or college athletics, 10% barbell club members, and 3% general population.

Granted, we are not the first gym to ever remain a sports performance focused facility in the country, but in the Falls we are. I believe that we are able to do this for a couple of reasons. For starters we base our busy schedule around the sports calendar. People jokingly ask me, "I bet you guys get real busy in January." I smile, laugh, and light-heartedly respond with, "Nope." Our peak seasons are when kids are in their off season. Summer. December. Early Spring. These are the chunks of year where I spend 60+ hours a week coaching.

Secondly our results are phenomenal. In our volleyball groups we saw an average increase in the vertical of 2 inches (about 14% improvements). We were able to take already in shape and hard working athletes and add about 2 inches to each of them. We saw increase of 12 inches in the broad jump, 90 pounds in the 10 rep max on back squat, and other feats of improvement that aren't matched in town. I have dozens and dozens of stories like this, and they are all the same. Athletes come in, already on a highschool or another gyms program, and we still make them substantially better.

Finally, I had the support, peace, and patience to ride out the storm. I was told that 90% of small business' fail within their first year of operation. This December will be our 2 year anniversary and I believe that God will allow us to see that. I also had the first lady of Endu, Erica my wife, to lean on when I was in a financial drought or when the stress of being a small business owner was getting to me.

All of these things came together like a complicated and unpredictable puzzle to get us to where we are now.  We plan on writing more posts to help everyone, from our follows across the country to our athletes in town. Thank you all for your support and we hope to see you in the gym.

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