2016 and Promises

What's up strangers.

I know that I've been like a ghost when it comes to writing lately. Not the haunt you while you sleep kind of ghost, more like the shows up in the background of family photos one. To the handful of people who follow up with every post, Thank you. To those of you who will periodically pop in and read my more popular posts - Preascheatchya. Last year was a busy year for me. I entered the heaviest portion of my graduate studies and I opened a gym with my wife. Needless to say writing witty quips (sometimes they were funny) and free educational posts had to take a trip to the back burner. I've been driving the struggle bus for quite some time now, but it seems that I can probably find time to write at least twice a week.

Every week my goal is to produce one post that is spiritual in nature (biblical, motivational, etc), and one post that is sports performance based (mobility, athletics, training, etc). I know that it's a small start but if I can maintain that level of writing it will still be around 100 posts for the year. The blog has gone from thousands of unique clicks a month to barely over 1000 due to my inactivity. I just hope that during this writing someone gets something out of it. Some kind of benefit to their life.

Please feel free to keep sending me emails with questions during this time as some of you have, and I look forward to hearing from you guys. The easiest way to get ahold of me right now is via our facebook page or Instagram, but a good 'ol fashoined email will get the job done too.

Oh, and this counts as a post BTW.

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