Jesus' Real Suffering

I find it interesting that people focus on the physical sufferings of Jesus during his crucifixion. Is it because we can relate to physical pain and exhaustion? Any former or current athlete understands what it's like to suffer to the point of being unable to move. This pain is what connects so many of us together in competition, and it's what humbles us throughout our careers. Yet I don't think the physical sufferings are what Jesus really worried about.

In the garden we saw Jesus sweat so heavy that it looked like blood. As he anguished over the future he asked "That this cup may be taken from me." What is this cup? Did Jesus have an unsavory drink with him? Of course not, the cup that He was referring to is the cup of wrath. In the Old Testament God was said to have "poured out his cup of wrath" several times. Jesus didn't seem to care that he was going to be flogged or crucified, but that his Father would unleash wrath unto him. A wrath that Jesus had never personally known before.

Once on the cross, Jesus was dealt the blow that he know was coming to him. "During the sixth hour there was darkness." In that moment of darkness, and for the first time in all of eternity, God turned his face from Jesus as He bore all of our sins. The pure anguish that Jesus must have gone through as he sat alone on the cross with all of our sins adding weight to his already exhausted body. Jesus had never been separated from God the Father. Have you ever been with something your entire life like that? There is no family member that you've never been without, no item, and no emotion. The closest we can even come to grasping this emptiness is like being lost in the woods for days with no promise of food water or warmth. An even darker comparison would be that we are trapped under a bolder by our legs with no way to escape. Complete emptiness to all of our first world comforts.

I physically and emotionally cannot fathom the spiritual strife that Jesus went through as He hung alone in the universe for the first time. Bloodied, beaten, and empty for the first time since the stars were crafted.

When you think about the man on the cross, don't focus on the physical pain that we so easily relate too, but try and wrap your mind around the emptiness that our God felt and the real reason that he sweat blood.

"In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God, and the word was God"

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