WWW - What Your Body Really Can Do: Getting Started

We have all been there. Your side stitch is making it hard to breathe, your wrists are aching from too many front squats, your shins are bleeding from pulling too many deadlifts, your legs are wobbly from squats and lunges, and the bruises on your upper quad are saying no more oly lifts. It’s a mental and physical battle. Most of the time, almost all of the time, the physical side wins. It tells you that your physical pain is there and we need to listen, especially if we are actually very injured. However, if we aren’t injured, just tired or sore, why not let the mental side win a few times? This is how things like cross fit and high intensity interval training were born, and the results spoke for themselves.

This is not the easy option. It is designed to be exhausting and too tough for most of America that just want to get in better shape. The common misconception is that it produces results. However, they forget the last part of the sentence. It gives results only if you put in the effort. It means going past the point of feeling like you’re going to poop yourself, your stomach hurting and feeling like you’re going to throw up, barely having enough oxygen in your lungs and brain to see straight, almost peeing yourself every rep, and being covered in sweat, blood, rust, and chalk. If that sentence doesn’t motivate you, you’re not ready.

You don’t want to see what you are really capable of. You’re still living in the world of comfortableness. Enjoy it, because you won’t after a while. At some point in your life, you will get tired of lying to yourself and saying you can’t do stuff and that it is impossible. All things are possible through Christ who strengthens me. We believe this and He continues to prove it faithfully true. Physical challenges show you your physical limits, which are based off your mental limits. It won’t be easy and it won’t be instant, but your body CAN do it! I can do a handstand and I used to could not. I can snatch and I used to could not. I am a Spartan race survivor and I never thought it possible. I have seen 60 yr old ladies squat with perfect form and un-athletic people run their first 5k.

Don’t tell me it is not possible, because it is. And once you realize that, the prison that binds you is no more. The world is your adventure race and the sky is the limit and heaven is our finish line. And once you succeed, the adrenaline and success rush is yours and you will never be the same. You will want more and you will get it.

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