Fix Your Lift: Wrists

Do you spend a lot of time in front of a computer "click clacking" away? Perhaps you're constantly scribbling with a pencil, or are using your hands to do something else. If you do anything specific with your hands, then you will understand how tight your wrists can be. A leading cause of carpel tunnel could be the monotonous movements we put our hands and wrists through each day. After a while scar tissue and limited range of motion develops in the hands. Although carpel tunnel is the ultimate evil in this situation, another side effect is being unable to hold a bar in the front squat/clean position. GASP! You can't hold the bar right! I know that it doesn't sound near as bad as carpel tunnel, but it is a disability that will keep you from doing some of the athletic things you may enjoy.

To prevent this disaster from happening here are 3 mobility exercises to fix your wrists:

Elbows over wrists 3x15 seconds

4 part band disassociation x 10 reps

Heavy front rack hold x 30 seconds

Here's the video to show you how to do everything.

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