Fix Your Lift: Overcoming Shin Splints

Lets be honest, who hasn't had shin splints? During my highschool track hurdling and high jump career my shins waterboarded me with pain every single time I decide to hop, skip, or even just walk. It's a very common problem for hard surface athletes (that includes you too road running mom) or for jumping individuals (which also includes you old man basketball superstar).  Fear not, rather than drop money on a shin compression that kind of only sorta helps with your shin terrorists, do these two simple exercises each time you get a flare up and "abrakadabra" your pain away.

The first exercise is toe to shin which you will want to do for 15 reps. Notice how the band is laid in an X pattern across his foot.

When you pull your toe to your shins hold it there for a split second before lowering it back down. Don't let it yank your foot.

The next exercise is ankle circles. You will want to draw 10 circles clockwise, and then 10 more counter clockwise.

Rest for about a minute. During that time you can check your facebook or do something productive like share this post with your running buddy. Afterwards repeat this for another set. If two sets are not enough then do it again for good measure.

Here is a video showing you how to do these movements.


  1. Indeed very helpful tips. Physical fitness is a must to do physical activity properly. It needs training if necessary.


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