Be the archer, use the arrow, and hit your targets.

What are you doing with your life? Can you honestly say that you have a path that you’re intentionally walking down, or are you meandering along just hoping that your wants and desires are along the way? When an archer draws his arrow to string, he is not assuming the tip will find it’s mark, but he aims with great intention at a target. Even though there will be wind and obstacles to deter it’s path, he still shoots with the idea that it will go where we aims. If we are the archer, then the target is our goal, and the arrow is our actions.

This past week I have made all of my athletes and clients write out 3 goals: one for someone else, one for their character, and one for their sport or fitness.

Someone Else:
When you begin a list of goals with a selfless mentality, then you will be better off overall. This goal should be sacrificial on your part and beneficial on someone else’s. As a husband you could promise to clean up the house more often so that your wife doesn’t have to. As a child you could be more obedient or serving to your parents. The list goes on, but the emphasis should always be to benefit someone else.

One For You:
Are you a perfect specimen? No, me neither. Since we’re nowhere near perfect, an area of our character is obviously lacking. What is something that you need to do to become better? What will close the gap between you and God? Maybe you need to go to church more, or perhaps you need to spend daily quiet time in the bible? I’m not you, but I know that there is something we could all do to improve ourselves.

One For Sport or Fitness:
Every week we break down our bodies and sacrifice sweat. Clothes get ruined and stained, shoes get worn into holey socks, and we pay hours of our life to the gym; but it’s totally worth it. Pick a goal that will motivate you. A lot of people overshoot in this category.  The old adage, “shoot for the stars and you may hit the moon,” doesn’t apply here. Pick something that is possible, but still a challenge. I want to improve all of my lifts by 30 pounds this year; it’s doable but I will have to show up with my A game every workout. What will it take for you to reach your goal?

After you’ve pondered the three goals that you want to accomplish, write them down. By simply putting pen to paper you increase your chance of remembering your goals. You’ll also have a hard copy of what you want to do. Commit to it. Don’t assume it will happen.

Be the archer, use the arrow, and hit your targets.

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