WWW: Fat & Happy

This is not an excuse people. There is never an excuse to be fat, and when I say fat I don’t mean the feeling you get when you’ve eaten too much or cheated a little around the holidays. I mean unhealthily obese. When it is causing medical problems and contributing to your slow and unhealthy decline on this earth, it is an issue and we need to address it.

For some reason, the world thinks that at certain times, fatness is okay. For example, “Don’t worry about your weight Erica, you’re married and don’t have to try anymore. You have nothing to worry about.” Are you serious? So because I am married means I don’t have to worry about my health? I won the prize and now I have nothing to worry about? In our minds, if marriage makes you happy, you eat, you get unhealthy, you die earlier. However, I see this completely opposite. Marriage is one of the most intimate and personal seasons of my life and I owe it to my husband to be the best, healthiest me that I can be. Jesus’ love is selfless, meaning I need to put him first, which means being better for him above me sitting on the couch eating and being lazy. He deserves a better life with me and through me. Yes, there are days like that, but they are few and precious. They aren’t the norm. We need to strive to be better for our significant other because we did win the prize, them, and they deserve the best us. If we both gave our best, what a force we would be reckon with… and Satan sure would be mad!

Another one that is great is, “Well, you’re pregnant and going to get fat anyway, so you can eat whatever you want! How lucky!” This couldn’t be farther from the truth. Why not be healthier for your baby? The better you eat, the better your baby will feel. Cravings can be transferred to healthy satisfactions very easily and still give the baby what it needs. You don’t have to gain 50+ pounds due to a sedentary 9 months and an unhealthy diet. You can be better than that. Again, it is about Jesus’ selfless love and being better for someone else.

                Lastly, the freshman 15 or freshman 50. It is expected. We know it’s coming, so why not fight harder to prevent it from happening? I did for a couple months. Then, like everyone else, I succumbed. No matter what the excuse is, there is never a good excuse to be fat or unhealthy or obese or whatever label you want to put on it. We are living in God’s temple and he is living in us. He said that he came so that we could live and live life to the fullest. That doesn’t mean happy and fat, no matter how you spin it. We are a vessel and need to treat our bodies with more respect. If you can’t motivate yourself, let your child or spouse or family be your motivation. And if those still don’t help, do it for the one who gave everything for you on the cross. 

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