WWW: 25 Days To Keep Christ At The Beginning Of Christmas

It’s that time of year again, my wedding anniversary. Oh, wrong one, sorry. Just kidding. It is Christmas time. The holly and jolly and misteltoe and talk of presents and Black Friday shopping has come too soon. However, this year is different for me. You see, last year, I was on my honeymoon, so I kind of got to “skip” Christmas. Gasp…. I know. How could anyone ever. But it is possible, and this year I get to start my own new traditions with my new family. And one that I am going to try to start is keeping the focus on Christ. We say it, we label it: “Keep Christ in Christmas”, we preach it, and we give to charity. But what about our hearts and our testimony and what others are seeing? Is it working? For me, personally it’s not. 

One of the best presents my husband ever got me was a video of him going and spending his christmas money for me at Walmart buying toys with his friends and dropping them off at the police department for the toy drive. They also did an angel tree. But that is by far my favorite present I have ever received for Christmas. And so maybe, just maybe, if we continue to put our hearts and minds on the things that Paul tells to the Philippians in the book Philippians, we might have the best Christmas of all.  You can knock out multiple in one day, or have 25 different days. You can start after Thanksgiving but it has to be done by Christmas, and hopefully, it’ll change our hearts so much as well, that we continue without a list. Hope you’ll take part in this too. We’d love to hear about it!

25 Days to Keep Christ at the beginning of Christmas
  1. Make your neighbors a treat
  2. Give someone a written note of encouragement and affirmation
  3. Volunteer to do something for someone for free
  4. Donate something- food, money, clothes, etc. to a place or person
  5. Smile and give a genuine compliment
  6. Feed a homeless person
  7. Buy a stranger at the same place something in secret
  8. Pack a box for operation Christmas child
  9. Cook a friend dinner
  10. Tithe to something
  11. Talk to a stranger
  12. Call someone in your family that you haven’t talked to in a while
  13. Publicly affirm someone you love
  14. Put up all electronics and social media for an afternoon, night, morning, or a whole day if you can
  15. Talk to someone about your faith
  16. Hand write a thank you card to someone
  17. Tip bigger than normal with a kind note
  18. Donate blood and save a life
  19. Give someone flowers for no reason
  20. Put something up for sale for free
  21. Pass on a book after you’re done reading it
  22. Run an errand for someone
  23. Open the door for someone
  24. Park farther away so others can be closer to the building
  25. Invite someone to church to hear the real meaning behind Christmas and your actions

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