Endu Presents: Weight Room Dinosaurs

QnA 1          QnA 11
QnA 2          QnA 12
QnA 3
QnA 4 
QnA 5
QnA 6
QnA 7
QnA 8
QnA 9
QnA 10

It's Friday which could only mean one thing right? QnA videos. Wait, what is this? This isn't a QnA video? This is actually another educational video that Endu has produced for your brain beefing. You may have been under the presumption that Dinosaurs are extinct - but you're wrong.

Perhaps you related to one of these dinosaurs. Good. You're gains are as special as the amber that contained the DNA you were cloned from (Jurassic Park reference). Maybe you have a few friends that qualify as a weight room Dinosaur. Share the video and let them know.

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