WWW: The Two Most Important Elements

Gatoradeeee…. H2O… Gatoradeee…. H2O… Water sucks it really, really sucks… Water sucks…

If you have ever watched Waterboy starring Adam Sandler you know this line well. This is unfortunately what comes to mind everytime I think of water and drinking it. Unfortunately, the internet has other opinions. If you look for synonyms of water, it’ll give you all sorts of fluids but none that are like water. For example: soda, juice, punch, ale, beer, milk, tea, pop, coke, etc. 

Unfortunately, google doesn’t understand that these are very, very different. I see people all day long in the dental chair that have so many issues with their teeth and gums due to their choice of liquid intake. Now, this is not where our focus will lie today, however, I want people to truly understand that there is literally nothing better than water. I used to work with a dentist from India who couldn’t comprehend why anyone would want to drink tea and coke all day when water was so pure and readily available to us. Maybe we are just too spoiled or used to it. But if you have ever lived in Wichita Falls, TX or have gone out of the country for more than a few days, you quickly realize what an amazing thing we have going for us.

Water makes up around 60% of your body and helps with digestion, absorption, creating saliva, transporting nutrients, maintaining body temperature, and circulation. Water also helps lose weight because fluids help you feel full and healthy. Water also helps fuel your muscles and keep them working well. It is also the best form of makeup and anti-aging serum for your skin. 

Your brain is also made of mostly water, and if you maintain adequate fluid intake, you will be more attentive and energized and be able to concentrate easier. Water is also the best detox there is due to the flushing of waste via sweat and urination. Water also will boost your immune system and help you feel healthier. Water prevents cramps and sprains by keeping your joints and muscles well hydrated. Water helps keep you in a good mood and is about the cheapest thing you can drink. And lastly, come on, you knew this one was coming: helps your oral cavity. Water helps keep your mouth wet and flushing away food particles and bacteria that might cause malodor, decay, or periodontal disease.

So, now that we know the benefits, how can we drink more of these wonderful elements that are so available to us? Start by drinking one glass as soon as you wake up. Carry around water in whatever bottle you like. My husband uses a 1 liter Nalgene, I used to use a 1 gallon jug, and now I use a 1 liter water bottle. When I first started, the gallon jug was the easiest because I could put lines on the jug for how much I needed to drink by a certain time of the day. Find what works for you and get hydrated. It’s the best choice for you and your body!

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