WWW - IIFYM: If It Fits Your Macros

Welp, I thought I had finally tried it all. I’d counted calories, watched carbs, lowered fats, done Atkins, carb-backloaded, stayed in keto, so on and so forth. So after my trip to Cancun with my dental office, I came back ready for new ideas. And that is when Drew came across iifym.com. You have surely heard of it. It’s what all the body-builders and bikini competitors and some cross fitters are doing. They say it works, so why not look into it? As you go on to the website, you have to enter some basic information about yourself.

            The next part is where things get cool. You can pick what goals you want and how fast you want to lose or bulk. They then have common plans that have every diet imaginable, and you can still customize your ratio. Basically, it focuses on protein, fat, and carbs. However, I added fiber and calories as well to mine. Lastly, you get to put how many times you want to eat a day and it calculates how much you can eat per day and per meal.

            This diet has been around for a while but used to be called flexible dieting. It requires a lot of planning and thought and math. However, the great thing about this diet is that it focuses on not what you eat. You can cheat, you can mess up, you can have a twinkie, as long as it fits your macros. A calorie is a calorie, no matter where it comes from (according to them). And as long as you give your body less energy than it burns, then you will lose weight. It’s cool sounding, right? Cheat meals here I come! But hold on, it’s a little more than just calories. You need to make sure you get enough protein so your muscles don’t wear away and enough carbs so your muscles will have glycogen for intense training. Plus, the fat will help with hormone synthesis. This is why it’s more than just counting calories. It’s counting everything so that you can focus on improving the composition o your body while still dropping or gaining weight.

            If you are interested in it, I suggest you try it and give us some insight. I just started it on the 10th. I haven’t weighed and I went over one day already and it’s only the 12th, but I’m liking it so far. I feel like I have control to make choices. Plus, if you’re like me and have no moderation, this will help. Get a food scale and see how much 4 oz of chicken is. I guarantee it’s a lot less than you think

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