QnA: OCHO - lactic acid & Fiber science

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I tried. I tried really hard. I got rid of a lot of things, and yet I still failed. I could not get this video under 3 minutes. I'm so sorry for failing you and your spanned attentions. Thank you for forgiving me. I will get better - seriously who has 9 minutes to listen to a random list of facts - and eventually all videos will be short and sweet. I mean, if my wife and closest friends don't even have enough time to watch the full videos who else could? No one, that's who.

Until then you can watch this for 3+ minutes:
Lactic acid and your mom
Too much fiber? What does fiber even do?

Submit your comments, questions, and concerns to any comment forum that I may be associate with. Thank you for your clicks and questions. Keep them coming Endu.

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