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Got a new computer, which had a new camera, and some new editing software. Prepare your minds for more thought stimulation and entertainment. I'm still figuring out how to do this blog/vlog/podcast thing. If its boring, that's on me, but its first and foremost for the knowledge bombs.

 we talk about:
mitochondria damage and obesity
how young can you die of old age?
what position should we sleep in?
ankle problems and how to fix them.
cross country and flexibility?

Don't forget to submit your questions, thoughts, comments, or whatevers to endunamoox@gmail.com

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  1. 1. How awesome is Ultimate?
    2. Where's my reversible tank I let you borrow that one time?
    3. Is it possible for God to create something even more powerful than he is?
    4. Remember that one time you wrestled Corey? He beat you so bad.
    5. Besides McDonalds, what is the best place in town?


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