WWW: Practice Makes Permanent

When I was a wee child in elementary, I had the opportunity to be a part of a camp called PiPs. It stood for Players in Progress. It is an organization that teaches children basic fundamentals of basketball, most of which you would never use in a game, but greatly improved your ball handling skills. You should go check out some videos. I learned how to do figure-8 dribble, spider dribble, shuffle run, spin the ball, and all sorts of awesome things. It improved my hand-eye coordination and overall comfort with the sport and all it entailed. But the coolest thing that I learned from them that I took away and would use for the rest of my life is that practice didn’t make perfect.

As an adult, this can sound extremely discouraging. However, as a young child, it made perfect sense. I can’t do something over and over and eventually be perfect. Instead, they instilled in us that practice made PERMANENT. How you practice in camp and in basketball practice is how you perform in an actual game or in a PiPs performance at halftime. This meant you had to go 120% all the time and act as if it was real. 

This changed everything. Every practice I went in with a hard working attitude and went through practice and tried and worked hard while I could have just gone through the motions. As I have gotten older, I’ve realized how crucial this lesson could help us in all aspects of our lives.

 We go through life as zombies sometimes and go through the motions as if we don’t care or don’t strive to get better. But, if we want to be better athletes and people, we need to DRASTICALLY change our way of thinking. Every sprint should be a race as if you are sprinting for the touchdown line or trying to tackle someone or chase a ball down the field or court. Every weight lifted should be with perfect form as you realize the importance of that muscle that you use on a daily basis.
1st grade

 In the same way, if you squat incorrectly over and over again but you’re practicing hard, you won’t get perfect at squats. Instead, you will permanently squat incorrectly. That’s why my husband is such a technique guru. It drives me up the wall at times when I have 90% on my back and he is telling me to keep my feet in and knees out, but he already knows this wise lesson and has seen the great distress and damage and injuries that comes with poor practice. This is where I struggle in some of my training sometimes. For my Spartan race, I got discouraged and forgot that how I practice would be how I performed. This held painfully true as I sucked wind and performed burpee after burpee.
3rd grade

But even more importantly, this is true about our lives and attitude. How you practice is how you perform. If you practice to choose joy, be optimistic, love others, and to give God glory, that will eventually be your life permanently. But unfortunately, the opposite is true as well. If we are bitter, quick to anger, and mediocre going through life not caring about anything, this will be us permanently because we practice it. And on a grander scale, will be what you practice in your life after you die. 
4th grade

We are all going two places when we die, and I want to practice being in heaven with my heavenly Father where I can present to him all the practice that I performed on earth so I can give him back all the permanent crowns that he gives to me. So I can lay them at his feet. And at that moment, all this practice will have been worth it. Let me encourage you in your life and training to be a player in progress. We all are. And to remember that just because you practice doesn’t mean you’ll get good or perfect. But how you practice will be the permanent outcome. PiPs, PiPs, Pips, yeah!!

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