WWW: Do You Have Any Couth?

If you’re like my husband, you might not have ever heard of this word, or you might have thought I even made it up. However, dictionary.com defines it as “showing or having good manners or sophistication; smooth; refinement.” I used to think this was a good thing, but now, I’m not as sure anymore.

On the way to the powerlifting meet we were discussing this world. As I tried to explain the meaning of this word to 4 college boys, the pastor defined it as “of this world.” As I laughed off the burn I thought how true that statement was. In my life, I had always tried to be socially acceptable and Christ-like at the same time. I sometimes even admonish my husband for not caring what others think of him and being loud and out there. And even though there are times and places that we need to hold on to these rules out of the respect to others, I am convicted more and more that I need to be a lot less concerned with couth.

Like I said, there are times that we should all hold true to it. For example, Paul discusses this in chapter 8 of 1 Corinthians. In summary he discusses that if him doing something causes others to not hear the gospel, he would no longer do it because he would give up all comforts for others to know the Good News of Jesus Christ. This mean that if couth helps others to know Jesus, then have couth. But if being outside of the norm helps others, then do that. I’m not saying be a chameleon for Christ. Be you, but be able to sacrifice for Him and His kingdom.

Now, back to couth. My husband is very good at not being socially acceptable. He is loud, sometimes obnoxious, outgoing, definitely not normal, and certainly not of this world. I never realized how rare that was. Usually that would embarrass me. But as I see it attract others to him and more importantly to God, I’m reminded how important it may be for me to let go of some of my couth. It may not be socially acceptable for me to go out of my way to talk to a stranger I passed twice in Walmart, but it might be a nice surprise to a lady who felt alone that day. It may not be couth to talk Bible while working out, but it may be what someone needed to hear for encouragement that day.

I’ve put this to practice this week and have been more out of my comfort zone than normal and more outgoing. I’ve spoken up and spoken out. I’ve been crazy and silly. And most seem to be drawn to it, because I am different, not of this world. So I encourage you, be more like my husband and be not of this world. Couth, or no couth, do what God wills for you to do His will.

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