QnA Friday: Uno

First Friday Question and Answer:
1) Why did the chicken cross the road?
2) How long should you rest between sets of pull ups to work on building up the peak?
3) how can you prevent/treat feet blisters?
4) Rest days; active recovery?
5) Elbow pain/golfers elbow treatment and wrapping for bench pressing?

If you have any questions that you'd like answered, no matter what they'd be (that's right you can even ask me about my granny's recipes) and I'll answer them on one of our QnA sessions. Post questions or comments below, on facebook, or email them to Endunamoox@gmail.com

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  1. Very nice session. I have a question (hypothetical of course...). What would a 47 year old, semi-active, male that has recently been diagnosed with bursitis of the right elbow do to prevent future occurrences when doing light weights, push ups, pull ups, and/or hard and heavy yard work?


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