QnA: Dos

QnA: Uno

1: Are popping joints bad?
2: What routines do you recommend?
3: Good websites for information on training?
4: Elbow Bursitis remedies?
5: What does the bible say about drinking alcohol?

Please ask us any questions that you might have pertaining to anything.  I mean anything. Ask me about how often I cut my hair (The answer is every 2 weeks). Whatever you do just toss out a question and I'll answer it! Post them in the comments below, on facebook, or email them to endunamoox@gmail.com; also feel free to add your two cents to the suggestion box!


  1. Another question for you. When I do sit-ups/crunches/leg lifts etc. my stomach muscles look like one big muscle down the middle that protrudes up. What is this? Is it normal? and do I need to do anything about it or differently?

    1. follow up question to your question: Do you mean that you just look like you have one big ab or is it lop sided?


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