WWW: Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Go ahead and cringe, it is one of those posts. No one likes this phrase unless they have zero sense of shyness or the whole world is their comfort zone. However, these are few and far between. As I was running the other day, a woman passed me and said doing great keep it up, and shuffled on by. At first I was confused because I had never seen her before, nor did I know her. However, she felt the urge to come give me some encouragement, just at the point that I need it. You ever have one of those days where you wonder why you’re even working out because it seems pointless because you’re not improving and in fact you’re sucking? That was me that day and she uplifted me just as I thought about quitting. However, she didn’t know that, unless she was psychic. This got me curious, though, just how many others I work out right beside that are feeling the same way as I do. It even became more real when the lady I am training and working out with confided in me how discouraged and defeated she felt during some of the workouts. I had no clue!

So what would it look like if we became that different person at the gym or track? That person that went around encouraging people, uplifting them, or just smiling at someone that passes you on a run or giving a nod of approval after someone racks their weight following a good lift. I wonder how many more people wouldn’t quit their workout short or how many would come back to the gym the next day. I wonder how many people, like me, it would encourage to do more and be better.

You’d be surprised, especially, by girls. We are the worst. We talk a ton but only to people we know. Everyone else is out of that comfort zone. For example, I broke my hair tie mid circuit set the other day. After 3 of the 4 sets I finally decided to not be stubborn and go ask someone for a hair tie to help me out. You wouldn’t believe how many people either ignored me, acted like they didn’t see me, pretended that they couldn’t be bothered, wouldn’t give me one, or didn’t have one. Finally, one kind lady dug in all the drawers and in her purse just to even find a rubber band for me to use. I was so thankful. I even returned with a ton of hair ties, a present, and a thank you card. She thought it was nothing but she had no idea what that gesture meant to me. She didn’t blow me off or ignore me, she acknowledged I was there and that I needed something.

So as I am inspired, I hope I inspire you to go out of your comfort zone, make someone’s day, encourage someone, and be what Endu is really and truly all about.

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