WWW: What are you listening to?

Music. It’s a staple in this society today. We don’t understand what silence is and if we notice it’s there we try to fill it because it seems to be uncomfortable and empty. Walk in to any store or gym or doctor’s office and you’ll hear some cd or radio station. We all notice it more around Christmas time, but it’s there I promise. 

Did you know that corporations make certain music mixes for their stores to go with the time of year, what they’re trying to sell, and because it was proven to change the atmosphere to make you spend more? I used to work at American Eagle and we had the same CD for months until we did a new floor set and got a new CD. Our CDs were supposed to make you have fun, feel like you’re just hanging out and shopping for cute clothes. Before you knew it, you were in the dressing room with over $100 worth of cute clothes that you could see yourself wearing to all these different places while dancing along with the music. It’s not a bad thing, but we need to be aware of it.

Music has become so common that most of the time we don’t even notice it. For example, my husband listens to screamo/hard-rock covers a lot while he lifts and drives. He loves the beats more than the lyrics and words. He is so used to the beat and music that he doesn’t realize he’s sometimes listening to cuss words, until I listen to it since I’m new to it. Same goes with popular songs and their sexual content or references to drugs and alcohol. It’s everywhere. 

This is why it’s so important to be aware of what you are putting in to your ears. I’m not saying go shopping with ear plugs in so you don’t hear the country song they’re playing on the radio. I’m saying don’t become numb to it and just shrug it off as society and our world because we are to be not of this world, especially at the gym.

So what is on your gym mix? I listen to Pandora to be honest with you and it’s set on Christian Rock mixed with a little contemporary. When I told my friend I was listening to Christian music she couldn’t understand how that could keep me going and cause me to want to work out. I thought about it, because let’s be honest, the beats aren’t as fast and the words not as catchy sometimes. But then, I had the wonderful chance to explain what goes on in my head. 

When I hear the central theme of those songs (I’m a sinner and not good enough, Christ loves me more than I know, and he endured the cross for me) it inspires me to keep going. Why? Because I know there’s nothing more terrible or painful that I can endure in this workout that Jesus Himself didn’t endure on this earth in human form. If he can endure the beatings and carrying his cross, and dying on it, then I can get through this workout. I keep running because he kept enduring. I keep going because he makes me stronger. Christ is my inspiration. He is what fuels my fire. He is what motivates me. And he is who I give my glory to.

I’m not asking you to jump on board. I’m just asking you to evaluate what you listen to and see how it affects you. Jesus not only changed my heart and my life and my eternal life, but also my workouts. He is now the Lord of all of my life. I hope you can boldly and proudly say that too!

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