Transferal Dysfunction, Together We Can Find A Cure

Dear valued viewer, do you suffer from a condition known as Transferal Dysfunction?

Transferal Dysfunction: The inability to turn hours of the weightroom, hundreds of dollars spent on supplements, and days of researching bro science into noticeable strength GAINZ.

If this sounds like you or someone you may know then listen up and share the news. Many people have tried hard to get stronger. People will buy tighter T shirts to improve how they look, but still none the stronger ( O No!) Others will make sure to take gym room selfies with the hope that the internet will bless them with the strength of Mark Zuckerberg; alas it is to no avail. Some clever people will even join a crossfit gym hoping that hours of metcons will turn into classy PR’s, but that’s not always the case.

If the above sounds even more like you then prepare your brain to be beefed up so that you can beef your body up too.  Here are 3 quick solutions to your failed attempts at bar bending.

5x5 & Linear Progression
Never has 25 reps felt so grueling. The program calls for 5 sets of 5 reps every week. To start, begin using at least 70 percent of your estimated one rep max. With each additional set add 5 – 10 pounds (Depending on level of difficulty). After each week start with an additional 5-10 pounds added onto your original 70 percent set.

Side Effects include: Size gainz, strength gainz, eventual inability to lift planned weight, weekly failure on later sets.

If you begin to suffer from some of the negative consequences of the 5x5, ask your doctor about rep scheme Progression!

Rep Scheme Progression & Linear Progression
Are you too strong to keep lifting with that silly 5x5? Then you should try rep progression! Start by continuing your 5x5 (25 reps), and after a couple weeks of lifting and adding weight, progress to 6x4 (24 reps). Just like the 5x5 add 5-10 lbs to your starting weight, and then add 5 lbs each set. After a couple of weeks progress to the next phase, 8x3 (24 reps). At this point, you continue by adding weight each week, but not each set. The weight should be heavy enough to cause strain, but not exhaustion. By the final set you should need a spot.

Side Effects Include: Serious Strength Gainz, Super Long Workouts, Inability to not impress people with your muscles, eventual inability to keep up with the volume demands, failure during later sets.

Inevitably you will need to mature in your training to a sustainable challenge. 9 out of 5 doctors recommend the conjugate method.

Conjugate Method
Rather than blasting yourself with heavy sets every week, you will cycle through three different types of lifting: Speed, Strength, and volume. Week one will be speed work, meaning that you should move the bar faster than 6 meters per second (that’s pretty fast). Start by doing 6 sets of 2 with moderate rest. Your weight should be between 60 & 75 percent of your estimated one rep max.

The next week you will have a strength day. This should consist of roughly 5 sets of two at between 80 and 90 percent of your estimated one rep max. These should be difficult, they definitely will not be 6 meters per second.

The third week will be volume week. Only perform 3 sets of 8-10 reps, but make the percent 1RM at least 70. After three cycles you can either repeat, or start over again, but with a heavier weight (10 – 20 pounds heavier for each exercise)

Side Effects Include: Valuable recovery time, faster barbell movement, bigger muscles that make mirrors follow you around, strength that forces silver back gorillas to shave the hair from their posterior side, possible gainz so fast that you scare yourself when you look at your reflection.

I hope that one of these prescriptions is right for you. The more advanced the lifter, the harder the drug that you need. Of course, if this isn’t enough information for you, then you can just spend the big bucks on name brand.

Take this advice, overcome your Transferal Dysfunction, and call Endu in the morning. 

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