I'm Intolerant Towards Those Who Are Intolerant Towards Health

Our culture has gone too far. We’ve done a lot of things that disappoint me. Since the beginning of mankind humans have been making mistakes, which have led to even more mistakes. Cane kills Able, and then everyone starts killing everyone. Now, our generation has hand-crafted a new problem that is turning sour fast. Unlike a good wine or fine cheese, this problem is getting worse with time.

The initiative of tolerance has led to a lot of good things. People are sort-of kind-of starting to get along. Sure, not everyone has to agree, but people are working together. Unfortunately, it mutated into some Godzilla style monster who started knocking down sky scrapers. One of these ugly mutations has started to rip through the health industry with ignorant rage – ANTI-HEALTHISM.

Healthism – a doctrine that links the public objectives for the good health and good order of the social body with the desire of individuals for health and well being. [Nikolas Rose]

We have finally reached a point where the desire for our culture to be healthy has become intolerant. Like in this situation.

(zoom to enjoy the full insanity)

My eye is twitching, blood is boiling, and I might have just bitten through my lip. I hope that everyone feels comfortable in their skin, but I do not want anyone to live in an unhealthy body. Notice how he asked if her doctor thought she was healthy, and she avoided the topic completely.

“Ma’am your car is smoking and on fire, do you need to see a mechanic?”
“I think your sexist for assuming that I, a woman, need to see a mechanic. You can’t tell the condition of my car without looking under the hood.”
“But… your car is on fire…”

Over two thirds of Americans are overweight or obese, and anti-healthism is going to cause this number to go up. This problem is not something we should sweep under the rug and ignore. It’s a wildfire that has to be fought with die hard motivation. Obesity is a sensitive topic, but it shouldn’t be. Self image should not be associated with health, but it is. Do you want to know why? Because people who are overweight have a higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis, some cancers, and reduces life span. The higher someone’s body fat gets, the less healthy they are; it’s a statistical fact. So of course a heavier person will be viewed as less healthy. It’s not ignorant, it’s study based. Most people agree with this, but then there are some who say this.

“If obesity kills so many people, why are there so many obese people?”

If this sounds ignorant, and like no-one would say this, then you should check out ****nohealthism.tumblr.com/ (Edited for your safety.)

My response to this hardheaded statement: the US spends 190 billion dollars on obesity annually, and the medical cost for people who are obese is $ 1,492 more. It’s not that obese people aren’t less likely to die, it’s that they have to spend more money on drugs to stay alive. Not to mention that an overweight person is more likely to miss work than a healthy weight one. Obesity is taxing our medical system and our job system.

One of the most ironic statements I’ve heard this year is that “America has an unhealthy obsession with health.” No. We have an unhealthy obsession with tolerance, and it’s finally making people less healthy.
Comfort leads to laziness, and laziness leads to over-indulgence, and over-indulgence leads to gluttony, and gluttony leads to obesity. So the best way to break this cycle is to make people uncomfortable. I’m not suggesting that you turn into a self righteous jerk and fat shame someone, but I am suggesting that you don’t allow anti-healthism to catch on. Take people out of their comfort zone and guide them towards health. Nobody should spend their entire life sitting on the couch, slamming twinkies, and causing the health and job market to take a blow. But this doesn’t simply apply to people who live like this and are overweight; I’m talking to you too naturally skinny people.

Being pro healthism is not intolerant to fat people, it’s intolerant to disease. I dunno about you, but I’m anti sickness. Call me an ignorant bigot if you’d like, but I’ll still ask you to get up and get healthy.

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