Skinning Lions - The Weekend Edition

This past weekend I competed in a powerlifting meet, and my wife ran her first Spartan race. We drove for over 9 hours, got sunburns, got sore, and got far too little sleep - But by golly we did it.

Was it hard? You better believe it.

In the mythology of Hercules, one of his first tasks as a hero was to kill a giant lion and wear its skin back into the village. What does Hercules have to do with this weekend? I’ll tell you.

Even though this was the smallest powerlifting competition I had been too, I was able to get the best total (1325 lbs @ 198 lbs) I’ve had in over a year. I’m not where I was before my injury, but God still blessed me with enough health to get back in the game. After injuring my hip 9 months ago, I couldn’t have imagined being able to total 1300 again. Shoot, I’m lucky that I can walk.

I’ll be real honest for a second; I was nervous the whole time. Each squat, bench, and deadlift attempt starred at me with piercing red eyes. Even though it was an inanimate block of weight, I saw it as an aggressive beast waiting to humble me into a corner. I’ve missed plenty of lifts, and I’ve been hurt many times, but to have it happen again after I’ve already traveled the road to recovery was a petrifying thought. But you know what they say, “If God is for us who can be against?”

The morning after my competition was my wife’s turn to fight her own monster. No, hers wasn’t hundreds of pounds being dragged to the floor by gravity, but it was something that I know I couldn’t have accomplished. She ran a Spartan race, which is essentially a 4+ mile obstacle course that spits you out covered in mud and begging for mercy.

My wife, our woman writer Wednesday author, impressed me so much. She overcame fears like Sampson overcomes an army with a jaw bone.

 The race started, and I watched her sprint ahead of the pack. However, after the first turn into the woods I didn’t see her again for another 4 miles. By then she was drenched in water and had a hint of mud coloring her skin. Nevertheless, I saw a beautiful smile painted across her face: Spartan: 0 Erica: 1.

A fear of heights will make this race nearly impossible, that is, unless you have the courage of Daniel to climb into the lion’s den and conquer that obstacle. At least 4 obstacles take you off the ground, and she attacked each of them with willing ferocity.

She crossed the finish line with only a smidgen of skin not covered in mud, and she claimed her medal as a completer of the Spartan Race.

We both accomplished something other than a new tan this weekend; we conquered fears. Although they were different, the monster that lives inside of us is all the same. It’s a giant lion that terrorizes our village, and only you can skin it and wear its pelt as the victorious hero. 

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