WWW: My Downfall To Training

You know that thing that always gets in your way of your performance and training, and even worse, your results? Yeah, that’s my diet. I know, it seems to be the easiest thing to control. I mean it’s what goes in your mouth and we talk about it all the time on Endu, but for some reason that’s my downfall. Many will ask, just go on a diet. I’ve done it. Many will say, do a food journal, I’ve done it. There are all kinds of solutions but let’s find the real problem. I like food. A lot. And worse than that, I love carbs and sweets and sugar. Who doesn’t? I mean even diets that eliminate this find new ways to incorporate it so I know I’m not the only one.

For me, though, it truly is a love-hate relationship. I love carbs. I love fruit, candy, desserts, ice cream, honey, sugar, sweet drinks, etc. If it is sweet, I like it. When I eat it, it is true bliss. However, right after, my body knows what I just overloaded it with and feels fatigued, full, bloated, etc. If I haven’t worked out yet or have a full day ahead, this can be a huge problem quickly. This is why it is a downfall for me. 

I believe it’s the problem I have with losing weight. I work out so much, sometimes multiple times a day with different people with not many rest days, that I reason I can have more carbs. Which is probably not a bad thing, if I didn’t have a goal I was trying to reach. If you think about it, it’s just another excuse. I tell people all day how bad it is to dip and smoke, but if you tell me how bad my sweets are for me, I would agree. Now if you ask me to stop, we might have some difficulty. I have before and I can again, but do I really want to? 

I went a whole year without chocolate of any kind. Then a whole year without candy. Then a whole year without sweets. It’s not that hard when I have a goal. My goal last year was paleo, but man can you eat some great food on that! And this year is paleo/gluten-free. There’s a lot I can have. It’s all about will and what I really want. Mind over matter is what I can hypocritically say. It’s like answering “Jesus” to a Sunday school question. It’s all easy to say but difficult to do, trust me.

But enough about me, what about you? 

What is your downfall? 

We would love to know (and I would love to feel like I’m not alone in this fight). When I looked this up I found that my problem was also a lot of other peoples’ problems. Sticking to a diet and exercise regimen was number one. So share with us what stops you in your tracks and check back next week for the top 12 things (after diet and exercise) that halt people’s performance and goal-reaching.
Every week our woman writer grabs her laptop and begins hammering out her thoughts about the fitness world. Living the life of a female in this world is something that can't be explained, it has to be experienced. This is why she is a necessity for the female branch of the Endu community. Erica has her BS in Dental Hygiene, which means her entire life is surrounded by health. I hope you can learn from her as much as I do.


  1. Maintaining a strict diet is a big roadblock for me too. I ate a box of Russell Stover's chocolates yesterday...a big box...220gr of carbs... I don't feel bad about it because I stay under 30 gr of carbs a day as a norm. But, overloading like that lead to being bloated all day, not eating properly because I wasn't hungry, and a poor training session last night.

    My biggest wall is good sleeping habits. I know, you'd think it'd be easy to just go to bed before 10 every night. Even when I get in bed on time, my TV and that stupid phone keep me up. Bad habits lead to bad results in training.

    1. I totally understand. It seems that when I'm trying to lose weight for anything, the ommitted foods are the most appetizing. I could easily slam a half gallon of choc. chip cookie dough ice cream and ask for seconds.

      I used to struggle with regular sleep times, but then i stated taking ZMA and drinking chamomile tea before bed. It's not that I'm forced to go to bed, but I get a calm sleepy feeling and just want to go lights out. You could always try it, the tea is 2 dollars for 20 nights.


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