WWW: The Craziest Weekend Endu Has Met

Preface: Over the next few weeks you will hear us talk more about the Spartan Race. Among the topics we'll be covering, the new book "Spartan Up" will be a big focus. If you're curious about the Spartan Race feel free to ask questions. If you want to know more about the "Spartan Up" book just click the banner at the bottom of the page, or you can wait and read some of our upcoming posts. - Endu

You read it right. Endu may have finally met its match. Let me explain. May 17th and 18th Endu will take the sporting field by force and have a full weekend. Drew will compete in a local powerlifting meet all day sponsored by a supplement shop here in town. The next morning, we will travel to Burnet, TX where I will take on the Spartan Sprint. This will be a short article just to promote these events and for you, our team and supporters, to know what is going on. We have two more FREE race codes for anyone wanting to compete in the Spartan race: Super or Sprint are that weekend. Also, for those of you wanting to lift in the meet. I put this in writing, too, to make this more permanent. When you put it out for the world to see, you gain accountability and a feeling that you must complete it and fulfill it.

The weather is about to get warmer and there will be lots of opportunities to compete. If they aren’t with us, we understand. If you’re playing pick-up basketball, competitive soccer, church league baseball, triathlon, whatever it is, we want to know and want to support you, just like you support us. Stay tuned as we train our hearts out over these next 2.5 months and train for the craziest athletic weekend this newlywed team has ever met. As normal, we appreciate all the support, comments, likes, questions, prayers, and friendships. Find some way to compete and stay active. Usually a competition or goal or event keeps people motivated and on a specific regimen or routine. So as we pursue on, persevere with us into this spring and summer and we will endu on together through the strength and toughness that God graciously gives us.

Every week our woman writer grabs her laptop and begins hammering out her thoughts about the fitness world. Living the life of a female in this world is something that can't be explained, it has to be experienced. This is why she is a necessity for the female branch of the Endu community. Erica has her BS in Dental Hygiene, which means her entire life is surrounded by health. I hope you can learn from her as much as I do.

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