WWW: Need An Extra Hand? Grab A Glove

This has been a joke, conversation, and discussion in our household and among our friends for quite some time. Most people would say that gloves are cheating, others say it is girly. But after I decided to workout one morning by vigorously chopping some wood without gloves, my hands were destroyed. Then I lifted with them later and was in a lot of pain. For most people, it’ll heal up quickly by callousing over. However, my hands are the most important thing in my career as a dental hygienist. All my co-workers that lift told me that I needed to start wearing gloves. Well, here at endu we like to do research so I’ll just let it roll.

                The majority of weight lifting glovers are women by far to prevent calluses and to secure a better grip during lifts. The prime reason men use gloves is to get a firmer grip especially for overhead things like pull ups, hanging abs, etc. The disadvantage, though, is the fact that if you’re constantly used to using the gloves, then your strength in real life will be less than performance worthy. Therefore, they prevent your hands from developing a true, strong, efficient grip. Sadly, they provide a false strength. However, if you plan to only be strong in the gym while wearing your gloves, then you have a true accomplishment. Since they help with grip, they actually deprive your hands, wrist, forearm, and arm muscles from getting the real workout they could be getting. For some, including me, calluses and bruises area badge of honor to show how hard you worked and what you accomplished. Besides, if you’re a man with calluses on your hands it shows that you’re a manly man and a hard worker. And if you’re a woman with calluses on your hands it shows you are a lot tougher than people think and guys might not mess with you as much.

                My overall conclusion is that not everyone has to use them. If one wants to lift while wearing them, it’s not the end of the world. However, they might complain later when trying to move something or open something. In fact, many say that they rely on their gloves more than their hands. So if you can, rely on what God gave you: your own flesh to lift that weight. But if you need an extra hand and a person won’t do, grab a glove. Lifting safe is always more important that hurting yourself. But here at endu, we go gloveless for the most part and show those medals proud!

                P.S. If you do need an extra hand, we suggest chalk!

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