WWW: The Life of The Wife of Drew

I get asked all the time what it’s like being married to Drew, so lucky for you folks at Endu, you get a brief glance. Don’t worry, there will be some point to this article, though.

Life is normal, to me. But in reality, it is far from it. It is crazy, painful, hard, and a luxury. It is restless, tiring, and rewarding. But most of all, it is glorifying to our Savior.

Drew, if you don’t know has many traits. He is proud, humble, modest, hard-working, stubborn, loving, gentle, strong, intelligent, witty, clever, hungry, and a man of God. I think the best way to describe how it is to be around him is to go through a day.

We both wake up early, usually him before me (unless I have a crazy long workout that morning). He makes a ridiculous amount of dark horrible smelling coffee and does a Bible study, homework, and whatever programming or article he is in the middle of. We both go to work, and on top of that, he goes to school. I may work out for the second time that afternoon and he will put in a long workout to prepare for his next meet. We come home and don’t eat dinner until we are both there.

The one time we come together is for our one meal. Now, don’t freak out, we may snack in between but we sit down and eat one meal, and it is usually heavenly. It is steak, lamb, fresh garden veggies, grass-fed hamburger, bone broth stew, or egg stir fry.

Then we hang out, finish our various duties and tasks for the day, and usually break Drew’s muscle knots and roll out his fatigued joints.

The reason I say all this, is I want you to know that everyone’s life looks different, and we for one, will not judge you. We want to keep you accountable. I am tired, constantly sore, and always joyful. I am loved by a glorious God and a forgiving husband. I am 2 days behind on the laundry, we’re using clean dishes out of the dishwasher, and I need to vacuum the living room floor. And, I have no children (besides the world’s cutest dog to blame an excuse on). The fact is, I think of Mary in the story of Luke 10:38-42. Sometimes I am tempted to be Martha: I need to do all my workouts correctly and completely, clean the house spotless, wash and fold all the laundry, do all the dishes, then have a hot supper on the table. However, I am admonished often by others that my life doesn’t have to be compared to others and that I only have to answer to God first and then my husband.

Drew is gracious and helps me. He likes to say we are a team and our work is 50-50. That is what we want to be for you. A team, 50-50, and help you through whatever you need. And no that we don’t strive for perfection. We strive for betterment and glory to God, just like Drew and I do in our marriage.

Every week our woman writer grabs her laptop and begins hammering out her thoughts about the fitness world. Living the life of a female in this world is something that can't be explained, it has to be experienced. This is why she is a necessity for the female branch of the Endu community. Erica has her BS in Dental Hygiene, which means her entire life is surrounded by health. I hope you can learn from her as much as I do.

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