WWW: Diet Matters

I’ve been working out for about 2 months hard since the wedding and haven’t been noticing much results in my weight. Unfortunately, I got slapped by some astounding news. 60-70% of weight loss is diet, 40-30% is exercise. I have been reversing this. Fantastic. I’ve even heard people go as far as say that by changing their diet, they can decrease their fat in 7-10 days and see the underlying muscle to look leaner. So what am I doing wrong? So glad you asked, come with me.


                I’m not drinking enough water. I know there is a new study released every few years that people jump on the bandwagon about but I am telling you, drink. I don’t know how much you need. Don’t drown yourself, but don’t dehydrate yourself. Only you know what works for you. Water never goes out of style. I’ll even go far enough to say that it should be your new wallet or purse. Take it everywhere and use frequently and let it be your best accessory.

Happy Medium

                Moderation. That’s a tough word for me. Happy medium. Another tough phrase for me. See, I’m an all-or-nothing kind of girl. Telling me to eat a handful of nuts or chocolate chips? Keep dreaming. This is my biggest weakness. Learn from me. I get to starving, eat a ton, feel terrible. Not fun and yet it continues. Take my advice and don’t do as I do. Forgive me for my hypocrisy. I know what’s right and I’m trying to be right there with you.


                Stability. I have a friend who shared some great advice. She said she works on about ten pounds at a time. Once she drops it through diet and exercise - more diet - she goes into her stable phase where she maintains for a few weeks without fluctuating. This will help ensure that she won’t just gain it back in a few days like we so often do with one cheat day or a weekend of no exercise. Focus on life change, not week, day, or month change.

            Fiber keeps you fuller and regular. Not much else to say. Take fiber if you don’t get enough in your daily diet, which you should.

            If you hold a lot of water weight and bloat easily, cut the salt and sugars. It will help your daily heavy feeling. Also, post- workout will cut all the extra water weight.

            Take our word, you can workout all you want, and we support it, but if you want to see dramatic changes, change your relationship with your food and meals. It’s survival and luxury, not a must. Bear with me, endu, and we’ll do this together. Give me a big change for 30 days: no added sugar, no extra salt, no gluten, no cokes, etc. Give it a try and let us know what happens!

Every week our woman writer grabs her laptop and begins hammering out her thoughts about the fitness world. Living the life of a female in this world is something that can't be explained, it has to be experienced. This is why she is a necessity for the female branch of the Endu community. Erica has her BS in Dental Hygiene, which means her entire life is surrounded by health. I hope you can learn from her as much as I do.

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