Where Does Your Strength Come From?

Before we do anything watch this video first. 

What did you think of that squat? It was slow, a bit shaky, and far from perfect. But would you consider this a good squat? I did, but the judges didn't.

This past weekend the MSU powerlifting team packed their bags and drove down to college station for the 2014 aggie showdown; a competition that brimmed with eager college powerlifters wanting to earn a shiny new medal. I was one of them, and if I had gotten just one squat to qualify I’d have that medal right now. But I didn’t, and I don’t.

Powerlifting meets consist of three lifts: the squat, bench, and deadlift. Each person gets 3 attempts at each of the three lifts. To qualify for a medal, the lifter has to get just one qualifying attempt in each lift. To win, well, that’s another story. Winning requires a good combination of the three lifts, which will be totaled at the end of the meet.

I didn’t get a single squat to qualify, which meant that I couldn’t medal or win my division. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just me either; a lot of guys didn’t get their squats. After seeing the judges reject my final squat, a pit opened up in my stomach and swallowed my heart. It was like a kid running downstairs Christmas morning to find that he had no presents. I had spent the past 6 months aggressively recovering from an injury and preparing for this very day. My flesh took over and all I could think was, “what a failure, what a waste.”

My self-induced pity party was only interrupted by my wife giving me a hug and my pastor/friend Rob asking me, “Where does your strength really come from? Because your belt says it comes from God.

With my wife squeezing me for comfort, and my friends standing around me in support I began chewing on his question. I found one of the judges that called my squat bad and I asked him what I did wrong. He racked his brain for a second and then said, “The rule book says you have to be way below parallel. But if you want to call me a (insert curse word here) you can, because everyone else has.” With an overly depressing laugh he turned and began walking away.

One part of my mind was thinking, “Yea, you’re a jerk,” but I remembered what Rob said. That basic question rang in my head again. “No man, you’re doing what you think is best. No hard feelings.” The judge looked back at me and gave a half-smile.

Normally I just want God to bless me with physical strength, but this weekend He gave me the opportunity to receive the blessing of mental strength. God was asking me to man up, and to put the image of Christ before my personal goals.

Then I met this guy called Josh. He was like the rest of our pack; he looked too tall and too lean to be at a powerlifting meet. We had a crew of six people, and he was a crew of one. Again, the question Rob posed me popped up in my head. So I asked him if he wanted to hang with us for the meet. That was a great decision, because Josh was a great guy. In fact, he wound up winning gold in his division.

At the end of the meet, MSU was bringing home two medals from College station. Although I was medal-less, I still brought home something. God gave me a challenge, and the reward for completing His challenge was Character. I can’t hang character on the wall, but I can hang it on my heart. This meet showed me where my strength truly came from. I just want to thank God for any opportunity I have to compete, and to grab a platform to talk about him.

Thank you Endu Tribe/family for supporting me by reading my posts, commenting, and sharing. I feel overly blessed.


  1. "Then I met this guy called Josh. He was like the rest of our pack; he looked too tall and too lean to be at a powerlifting meet."

    Hahaha. Too true man. Thanks for the little plug.

    1. No sweat man. You're a part of the story man; can't forget about you. We're gonna have to keep finding meets together.


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