What This Super Bowl Should Teach Us About Our Training

Perhaps one of the greatest American holidays, the Super Bowl, was celebrated this past weekend. It’s like the fourth of July with fireworks, loyalty, and patriotism. The only difference is that instead of grilling out and playing catch, we grill out and watch other people play catch. Essentially, we stuff our faces in anticipation of watching others exercise.

Irony aside, there is nothing wrong with enjoying a break and some sports. What is wrong is that we watched a team of grown men beat up a team of pee-wee footballers. If we placed both teams back to back and took a height measurement, both of them would come out pretty equal. It wasn’t skill that killed the horse, it was pure intensity.

Seattle’s defense attacked the ball every play. I mean did you see how many players made each tackle? Each play, roughly half of the defense was involved in a dog-pile slowly pushing Montee Ball through the turf. Play after play, it was one Bronco against 11 Seahawks. We could blame the Bronco’s loss on a lack of “Omaha,” or we could blame it on a lack of intensity.

A lot of people work out like the broncos played. Very mundane and slow paced. Every day they find themselves doing the same thing, and getting the same results. Zero yards gained, and zero pounds lost.
Successful fit-enthusiasts workout like the Seahawks. You won’t find an elliptical machine set at low in their training arsenal. The intensity we bring to every workout should rival the intensity that the Seahawks brought to every play. If this Super Bowl can teach us anything, it’s that playing mundane will not give us our desired results.

Right now, nobody wants to be compared to the broncos. So if you’re still working on your New Year’s resolution, but you’re not seeing any results think to yourself, “Am I working out like a Bronco?” Quit throwing your gainz into the hands of failure, and pick up your intensity!

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