Growing People

Real Gardeners don’t have green thumbs. To get something to grow, the underbelly of your fingernails have to be stained with dark brown dirt. Gardeners spend more time digging in the mud than profiting from the crops they grow. Why do you think so few people actually garden? It’s not because they can’t. It’s because some days, gardening is 90 percent hard work and 10 percent patience, and other days it’s 10 percent hard work and 90 percent patience.

Our lives are saturated in comfort and speed. If you can’t think of any examples just go to your fridge or cupboards. Half of the food in a person’s house is precooked and full of flavor. It’s quick and delicious.

The New Testament is overabundant with parables relating to farming. But only 2% of American’s are farmers. Chances are you’re not a farmer, so these parables may be lost on you. As Kryptonite is to superman, speed and comfort is to farming. It’s dirt under your fingernails hard work.

As an heir to the throne of God, we are supposed to be gardeners for God. When Adam fel,l his punishment was to toil painfully for the food that he would eat. Christians will have to toil against trouble, like man would have to struggle against thorn. It’s a happy thought to believe that being a Christian will be a quick and comfortable life. We hope to have green thumbs and plenty of crops. But honestly, without digging in the dirt nothing can grow.

A plant without water will die, and faith without works will too. So it’s easy to conclude that our faith requires some action. Our friends, family, and associates are all possible seeds for God’s kingdom. We can’t just sprinkle some water on them every now and again, and then hope that a beautiful tree sprouts up one day. Each and every one of these people need someone to get mud on their knuckles, and dirt under their nails. God doesn’t give us a plethora of farming parables so that we can quote them aimlessly on instagram and facebook. We are supposed to read them, and then realize that a lot of work is required. Roll up your sleeves brothers and sisters, it’s time to get a little muddy.

But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.

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