WWW: Pick It Up But Don't Set It Down

                It is amazing what a life partner can do for you. I’m not only speaking about a husband or wife or a friend that you do life with. But more importantly for this article, a lifting or workout buddy. I have been so encouraged lately by my sisters in Christ that do life with me through the crazy ups and downs and my supportive husband that I knew I needed to write this.

                We always coach to pick up that weight and get it up for the whole set so that you can set it down and rest. But unfortunately, we take that and apply it to our lives. We pick people up and then just drop then and move on to the next thing or person in our life. God is actually very passionate about this subject. He even chose twelve men to walk with Him through his earthly ministry, three of which walked extremely closely with Him. Then, on top of that, he never held anything back from the rest of the population. And it may be a far out assumption, but I feel like if Jesus went to work out, he’d probably have taken others with him. Jesus would have been a great spotter.

                So instead of a long post, I’m going to give you some homework. Think about these scriptures and then find someone to uplift today. Plus, the more you encourage others, the more you will find yourself also being encouraged. (Click the verses to see them)

We will continue to be here for you as we encourage you, cater to your workout needs, and lift you up but never set you down! Endu on!

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