WWW Advocare 10 day herbal cleanse

So as a last minute crunch time to the wedding I decided to invest in a product and try how it worked. Unfortunately due to the numerous office parties, wedding showers, and just poor timing to start the cleanse (Black Friday), I didn’t follow the directions verbatim. That’s the disclaimer to this post. However, let’s jump in and see what all the hype is about.

                My intention was to do the 24 day challenge but it’s a little more expensive, not bad for all you get at all, but too much when you’re trying to pay and plan for a wedding and honeymoon in less than 3 weeks. So the next best option was the 10 day challenge. It was only $31.50 and you get 6 fiber drink pouches, 7 herbal cleanse packets, and 7 probiotic restore ultra packets. After doing some research this was actually a pretty good price compared to going to the store and buying your own fiber and probiotics and vitamins. Plus, this stuff is a high quality to help your body and not hurt it. The instructions with it were to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, eat 8-10 servings of fruits and veggies, eat whole grain if you’re going to eat a starch, reduce fat intake, avoid fried foods, and remove sugar. Well, I did horrible at my diet with this and that was my own fault so I didn’t see tremendous results but surprisingly I did still see some effects.

                I wasn’t as bloated when I ate certain foods, I didn’t gain as much weight with the normal foods, my digestion was regular, and I didn’t feel as crappy after eating certain foods. I did see a few pounds lost primarily due to my crazy workout regimen but not as much as I would’ve like due to my horrific diet. I was also surprised at how good the stuff tasted. Everyone dogs on fiber drinks, but this was the best one I have yet to taste!
photocred goes to - @CPtheRock
                I would definitely tell others to try it if they’re skeptical. Besides, it won’t hurt anything. If you are interested, we have several contacts for you! EmilyCernosek, Angie Reay, and Wayne Schields all sell Advocare and are starting a 24 day challenge in January if you want to do it with someone to have some support. Also if you’re wanting to do a workout regimen with your new diet, Angie Reay sells so many different products: p90x, shakeology, beach body, etc. And if you’re wanting something a little more personal for your goals, Drew is personal training through writing you workouts and helping you achieve your goals. There are so many outlets.

                The one thing I would like to encourage you on is to not put a price on your health. So many people tell me they can’t afford healthy food and that saddens me because you’re putting a price on your life. Be better in the new year. Find some reason to want to live longer and healthier and put that motivation into action. We love you and support you here at Endu and praying for a joyful new year!


  1. Oh wow.. that was great to know.. I was thinking to get Advocare Herbal Cleanse Instructions For Use | Advocare Cleanse.. I have heard people are happy using it... Advocare herbal cleanse is a preeminent cleanser. However one needs to know certain instructions of use of advocare herbal cleanse for best results.Thanks

    1. We're happy to help. If you do the challenge I hope that it goes well and that you enjoy it.


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