WWW: 30 Day Rep Challenge In 3,2,1....

I have seen these become more and more popular. Some of the more popular ones are the squat and push-up challenges. There are good and bad and we’re here to address them.

                The good is that no equipment is required and once you get the form and feel down, you’re all set. Plus, if you have an area that you want to work on, these challenges help to target just that.

                However, the bad is fatigue. If you continue to wear on one set of muscles, your muscles will tire. Also, your other muscles will not get work and go to waste. Plus, I don’t know about the rest of you but 30 days of the same thing would make me not want to ever workout. I have to have some variety and excitement and mix-up in my exercises.

                So, how about doing more than 1 30 day rep challenge at a time? Or do multiple at a time over a few months spans so you work out different body parts, get healthy recuperative rest days, and make over your whole body. And at the same time, you get a workout longer than a month. If I’m going to invest in a workout, it better be longer than 30 days. Then I’ll have to have around 12 workouts for the entire year!!! At least give me 60 days.

                But, for some this is what they need and like. So, if this is you and the 30 day rep challenge is your cup of tea, we salute you because at least you’re getting up and moving and continuing to Endu! Rep on my friends.

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