Resolutions that Do

A clock is ticking in front of you, not up but down. Wires stream from the clock like a broken river all pooling at the bottom. At the heat of the wires lies a bomb. In your ear you hear a frantic voice saying not to panic. "I think you need to cut the blue wire."

There is no confidence in the phrase, "I think."

As the new year tolls its bells we get to try and make a new start in many areas of our lives. People make lists that detail their future goals, and they put check-mark boxes next to them. In many cases a pen dangles next to the list, ready to ink the goals away. But when I hear people chirp off their goals, I can already tell which ones will succeed and which won't.

The words want and try pop up on many peoples lists. Want implies the desire to attempt, not the attempt in itself, and try is an insult to the word do. Wanting to do something is different than doing it. There is no confidence in the phrases want or try. When I have a goal I never want to do it, I just do it. The same concept applies to try. When we try, we create a road that could lead to defeat. Get rid of try and there are no dark alleys that can ruin your goals.

Now look at your marvelous list. It's brand new, and it probably sparkles when the light hits it just right. Think about how good your list looked last year too, and yet it is now a torn and faded memory. There can be a difference between this year and last year though; change every sentence that says want and try to DO.

I hope your 2014 will be much better than 2013. Let's improve and let's ENDU!

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