It's A Mental Game

I imagine that the 80 percent of people who don’t lose weight on a diet, according to Jessica Bartfield MD who specializes in nutrition and weight management, walk into grocery stores with glimmering twinkles in their eyes. “This year I’m going to lose the weight, and keep it off,” they chime while walking towards the produce aisle. With each step the bravado in their internal voice begins to twinge away. “Pomegranates are how much?” they wonder in disbelief. In the distance, right past the expensive health food, sits an aisle of cookies and snacks. What was a faint grumble in their stomach has now erupted into a roar that could only be beaten by an F-16 jet engine. Between a sprint and a jog, they hustle towards the aisle chanting inside of their head, “I deserve a cheat meal, I’ve been working hard.”

And then after 6 weeks of busting their tails doing insanity, P90x, and personal training they panic when only 3 of their 30 pounds have been lost! In a hastened attitude they normally ask, “Why haven’t I lost weight? I dieted!”

Why? Probably because losing weight is a personal battle; one only fought between you, and yourself. – Gasp! Personal responsibility – It’s hard, I know it is. Between seasons, I will gain 30 pounds and then lose it in an attempt to remodel my muscle. I’m not foreign to the idea of being hungry, and you shouldn’t be either.

Dedication is a word that my wife uses to describe people who aren’t committed enough. When she says she will do something, you better believe it will get done. Cheating to the average Joe includes scarfing down a cake and pint of ice cream. Cheating to my wife includes eating fruit and yogurt until she’s full. – We’ve got a party animal over here -

Dieting is a serious mental game. A difficult, some would call unbearable, diet plan for some is cheating for others. Women’s magazines will have conflicting covers that say things like “15 sweet summer desserts” and “how to lose weight fast!” People are paying for literature that tells them how to lose weight and get fat at the same time. No wonder only 20 percent of dieters see results.

There is a turning point during the mental game, where we transition from “I want results with no resistance,” to “I want resistance to get results.” Human nature may state that we are more likely to choose the path of least resistance, but human nature is the reason why 69% of adults are overweight; 35% of which are obese.

Nonetheless, I believe that the mental battle of health can be won by everyone! True, I have compiled my advice into a book “Spear & Spoon,” but that’s not the only option. At the least, to lose weight, you need to have an excess of calories spent to calories consumed. At best, you will combine this with insulin and cortisol hormone regulation. To me, this is plain as night and day. To you, this might be Greek (just like the title of this blog). Thank goodness for the internet and cool FREE downloadable books like “Spear & Spoon.”

Perhaps you’ve had your own successful diet story? I honestly want to hear what happened. Please share a comment or an email. The only way for me to get better is to learn from those who already have succeeded. God bless Endu Tribe.

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