I Can't Tell You When I Last Ate - How to Lose 15 lbs "FAST"

I can’t tell you when I last ate. Sixteen? No. Seventeen? No. Like I said before, I have no idea when I last ate. The monster roars in my stomach where silenced long ago by pure will power, and the voice inside my head yelling, “you need to eat” stopped talking around hour eight.

When I step into the front patio at my grandma’s house, the door hasn’t even closed behind me before she asks, “Are you hungry?” If I ever told her that I don’t eat for 18 plus hours a day she just might have a heart attack. North American culture has turned FASTING into a dirty 4 letter word that we shouldn’t say in public. I dare you to bring up fasting at your churches bi-monthly potluck feast; you’ll probably get ex-communicated.

Let’s think about fasting critically. Old Testament Jews would fast ALL OF THE TIME. In the New Testament, Jesus Christ Himself fasted for 40 days. So why in the world has a country that is 78% Christian turned fasting into a dirty word? Probably because 65% of the nation is considered over weight.  

We have an ugly love affair with constantly feeling full. But it’s not directly your fault; so don’t feel too guilty. The FDA recommends that we get most of our calories from quicker digesting carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are converted into glucose quickly, which then runs through the blood and does one of three things: burnt for energy, stored as fat, excreted as excess. Because carbohydrates are quick calories, our blood glucose levels are adapted for constant feedings. When constant carbohydrate adding is removed, our blood glucose levels will plummet and a symptom known as being hangry occurs. We get grumpy and we just want to eat.

When I walked into my town’s local supplement shop, the guys sitting inside noticed I was looking a bit lean. We talked shop, daily workouts, and injuries. Before leaving one of the guys tossed out the question, “what’s your diet right now?” I could feel a grin run across my face. These guys were body builders; they eat 6 times a day. “Me? I eat once a day.” They both looked scared and frightened; as if I had turned into a monster right before their eyes.

In the back of my head fasting has always made sense, but it wasn’t until I read the fasting section in the book “the Perfect Health Diet” that a formal hypothesis was supported. Our ancestors were built to eat within periods of fasting. Abraham, the father of all Jews, couldn’t walk to a Walmart when he got hungry; he stayed hungry. Likewise, many modern “hunter-gatherer” tribes go on regularly extended fasts.

 In fact, everyone goes on a daily fast. How long did you sleep last night? At the least you fasted that long, and you didn’t die. Now extend that fast even further.

Fasting helps with: body fat oxidation, regulates blood glucose levels, improve cholesterol levels, improve blood pressure, and much more. Of course, you can’t fast and then order everything off of the McDonald’s dollar menu and expect to lose weight. But according to one study, you could technically eat more calories than normal after fasting and still become healthier.

I may not be able to tell you when the last time it was that I ate, but I sure can tell you that I’ve lost 15 pounds in 4 weeks. I was sitting at around 13% bodyfat, which means I was pretty lean; if I flexed a brief outline of a 6 pack could be seen. Now I’m under 10% and no flexing is necessary for abs. Imagine how much you could lose if your body fat is even higher than that!

Fast for spirituality, health, or weight loss. Just break free from the prison of food addiction and fast. Not convinced that fasting won’t kill, but will actually make you healthier? Here is another post of mine onfasting.

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