The Evolution of Paleo is a Revolution

With bullets and canon fire America clenched its fist and punched Britain in its smug face. The British Kingdom’s pompous attitude and blind-religiosity lead to a self-evaluation by the colonist. However, after all the smoke cleared not a whole lot changed within the nation. Sure, a new government was founded, but the way people acted wasn’t really altered. When the fire of a revolution is lit the people aren’t looking to turn 180 on who they are. Normally, a revolution is enacted to change a particular belief or system of doing things.

So when I say that the evolution of paleo is a revolution, I mean that there is a religious cult in the paleo circle that needs to be excommunicated like a demon spirit.

When my fiancĂ© posted a picture of a bunch of baked goods she made the other day, she labeled it as paleo. Unfortunately, the desserts where slammed as “not actually paleo” for containing potatoes and milk.
The not-masked bandit of paleo conformity has struck again. I have nothing against sticking to your guns and not drifting from your goals, but to turn it into an act of worship and cult following is ridiculous. I see only one being worthy of worship, and it’s not Paleo (Deut. 4:39).
and they were delicious

The best way to kill a tree is also the best way to address a problem, at its roots. Paleo has created the common motto, “eat like the cavemen would.” Like your typical bible verse, this has been taken out of context and twisted into meaning something it was never intended to. Eat like a caveman simply illustrates the idea that we should eat a less processed more meat and veggie diet. That’s it. Unfortunately, briefly educated pseudo-experts claim that humans have not adapted to the current foods, and thus we should all eat like Paleolithic early humans. This is an over-simplified and under-evaluated system of thinking that has stricken crossfit boxes like the black plague.

Paleo has evolved. It no longer stands for the ideals of “eating like a caveman.” Paleo is about reducing gut irritation, inflammation, and improving mineral absorption and immune function. If you’ve even glanced at my e-book “Spear & Spoon” you’ll see that I addressed why many foods are bad. Foods that contain gluten and high levels of phytates and lectins are more dangerous for the gut than a lumber factory is to the Amazon jungle. 

Paleoers recognize that many grains contain gluten, phytates, and lectins. To them, the math is simple; two plus two equals don’t ever eat that stuff. So when new paleoers have been indoctrinated into the religion, they perform a mass exodus of grains into their trash can. However, not all grains contain gluten and not all grains have substantially high levels of phytates and lectins. Steel cut oats and rice are just two grains that should be paleo. Yet if anyone claims to eat paleo while downing some morning oatmeal they will be ostracized as sacrilegious.

Some people are pretty hardcore though. I’ve been informed by some paleo professionals that any toxin, such as phytates or lectins, should be completely avoided. So they dress in their organic holy garments and sprinkle coconut water on the sinners who eat potatoes, dairy, and grains.

Yet I find it funny how no-one addresses the issue of vegetables. Natures green ground vitamins have adapted to survive over-consumption by developing their own system of toxins. In fact, organic vegetables contain more natural toxins than their non-organic counterparts. The crops that we see today have derived poisons that kill certain insects and animals, and every day I scarf down a big bowl of them. It may sound crazy, but sometimes the benefits outweigh the cost.

Lifting weights, especially heavy, is a very costly and taxing thing to put the body through. During every rep a muscle is broken down with micro tears that will require vast amounts of amino acids and glucose to rebuild. But many people understand the benefits to lifting outweigh the costs. The same principle can be applied to diet and nutrition.

So here I stand waving my red flag of revolution. Unlike many popular and paleo hating websites, I’m not asking anyone to stop the diet. I’m asking most people to revolt. Keep the good of paleo and ditch the religious. Don’t be a captive to the overly-aggressive paleo Pharisees, but be a critical thinker. Eating paleo may require a change in your lifestyle, but paleo should NEVER be your lifestyle.  

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