Jesus, The Christmas Light On Your Tree

Thirty three years ago, in New York City, an engaged woman claimed that she was pregnant. Although out of wedlock, nothing seemed out of the ordinary; nothing except for her claims to be a virgin. When questioned as to why her fiancĂ© stayed with her he said that a dream told him to believe her. Now in present day the “virgin born child” has created a cult following who say they will introduce anarchy on the government. His opposition claims he is a communist/socialist and the modern church calls him a blasphemer. He claims that due to his virgin birth he is part of a chosen plan. However, every week new details are published claiming that his mom had multiple sexual partners before she was married.

If you read this story in the news today what would you really think? Would you pack up your bags, sell all of your belongings, and go and follow this man? This is the information that all of the churches early followers heard. Nevertheless, thousands still followed Jesus Christ because they had faith.

We are told that the righteousness of God is revealed from faith to faith (rom 1:17), but we live in a world of signs. Even I am subject to expecting visual confirmation of God’s plan, like a Christmas light being lit up on a tree; and as a church we sometimes wait for the hanging of tinsel to act generous. Like a building that always has its Christmas lights hung, Christians sometimes only let their light shine during particular seasons. Yet the bible says that we should be the light so that all people might believe (John 1:7)

Walmart may try and tell you that Christmas is about spending money at their store so that you can give out presents like financially strapped Santa Clause, but I protest that marketing strategy. Christmas is about having faith and it’s about being a light.

There is something about Christmas lights that inspire cheer, holiday spirit, and faith. But that isn’t the responsibility of some LED bulbs; that job belongs to Christians. So church-family, bundle up under a blanket of faith and be the Christmas light that everyone is looking for!


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