WWW: Just How Many Many Excuses Do You Have - Part II

Something that I find interesting is that only those who are seeking motivation will actually pull a drop of inspiration from these posts. The majority of people out there have either adopted a sense of false motivation, or they have given up all together. Part I didn't have an overwhelming amount of views. To be honest, it had less views than normal. However, the feedback that I received from the post was astounding. The whole world may not have heard what Erica said, but those who did drank up every ounce of motivation they could. So please raise your cup with us, and gulp down every delicious sip you can. - Endu

And we’re back again for more excuses that keep us from fulfilling our daily workouts. So let’s jump right into it so you can get to the gym or track or field or backyard or living room or wherever it is you Endu!

4) I don’t want to ruin my hair or makeup---

 Guys hold your horses this is an actual excuse. I used to think it was kind of ridiculous until I got out of high school, where working out was a daily activity due to our various athletics. However, once in college and out of college, I realized how much effort it took to fix my hair and makeup just to go sweat it off and possibly have to re-do it that same day. Well, one suggestion is don’t spend so much time trying to look like you just walked out of a magazine. Another suggestion is, pick the days you don’t want to ruin all your effort and have a light circuit or lift day. Nothing too excruciating that will ruin your hair and not make you sweat off all your makeup. And leave the days that you’re okay with not putting forth a lot of effort and tear it up. Or, you could be like me and wear your hair back or natural with very little to no makeup. I even went to work the other day with wet hair on my head and no makeup after a workout and no one died from seeing me that way and I didn’t get fired. It was a miracle in some of the girls’ worlds.

5) I get discouraged because I never see any results--- 

This definitely applies to girls more because we want to go in the gym, work our butts off, and see 5 lbs come off the scale that night. But most of the time, it’s the opposite. I’m still a huge advocate for taking away the scale, trying it for 6-10 weeks consistently and religiously, and then seeing if you thought it was worth it by not only weight but BMI, waist size, body fat percentage, etc. However, that still doesn’t mean I won’t want to cut off Drew’s hands every time he threatens to take away my scale. 

But we have to remember that most of the work and results are on the inside and we’ll see it later on in life. Patience is a virtue and good things come to those who wait. Both are true. 

But it’s also true that good things are worth waiting for and you have to work your butt off a lot of the time to get those good things.

I hope you feel inspired when you shed off all the icky excuses. I know when I shed truth on all the excuses there seems to be nothing else standing in my way. It’s freeing and gives you a workout with endless possibilities. So break your chains that are holding you back and go out and Endu!

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