WWW: Just How Many Excuses Do You Have? Part I

As I perused my way through the internet to find the most common excuses for why we don’t work out, I was astonished at the length of the list! Some were understandable, others went in to great detail, and others I felt like needed to be hit in the head and told “you shoulda had a V8.” So here we go with the top 5 most common reasons why we don’t work out like we should.

1) It’ so boring
---- Yes, working out can get monotonous and boring but this one is so easy to fix. Go with a friend and gossip or bromance it up. Here at endu we have an excellent guy who will write you up a workout. He wrote me 36 workouts, all different. 

Get some variety so you don’t get bored.

 For example, right now I do circuits with weights at the end. Then some days I do sprint intervals. However, my last workout was primarily long distance intervals and various lifts with few sprint days and circuit days. Do what you like and like what you do. And when you don’t anymore, change it up.

2) My kids get in the way--- This is no longer an excuse. Today, the face of health is about changing the way your family lives and eats and moves. For example, there are workout regimens for new moms and babies with different lifts with your baby. Don’t believe me? Go look it up. They have crossfit for kids.

 If you go to a gym, there will be things they can do while you work out or classes they can take while you take others. Or, make a family day out of it.

 One of the fitness instructors I know took her whole family on mile runs the other day finished with body weight lunges and squats. That’s an exercise that’s great for your body, great for a beautiful fall day, easy, and the whole family can enjoy.

 Get creative! At the gym I work out at, kids sit at the front and do their homework while their mom does her work out of the day. If you just don’t want to deal with them, tell the babysitter or daycare or whoever that you’ll be a little late because you’re going to work out after work. It’s doable people. There’s real women proving it every day.

3) I’m hurting--- well, first of all are you hurting in pain or hurting from soreness because that’s 2 very different things. If you are sore, moving around more will help heal some of it up. 

Sitting and being still and non-mobile will actually tighten you up more. 

If you are in pain, though, stretch and heal it. See what a doctor recommends. Most likely he will tell you to rest, ice, take your regular OTC analgesic, and give you numerous stretches and exercises to heal it. Therefore, pain still shouldn’t give you an excuse from getting your workout of the day in. Even if you are injured and in a cast or boot, there’s still other parts of your body that you can work out. For example, if you hurt your leg, you can still workout your arms. 

Drew had shoulder surgery and was in a sling that kept his whole arm stationary for weeks and he was in the weight room soon after working out his legs and his other arm and shoulder. Don’t give me excuses because there’s no room for them here!

These are pretty reasonable but come back next week and see if the other two apply to you, and maybe we can break those barriers and continue to Endu!

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