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Continuing on the escapade of our anti-self pity campaign our WWW has isolated a deeper aspect of our insecurities. What some consider unbreakable and innocent hold-backs, we consider marks of accomplishment that need to be overcame. If a skinny person stays skinny it is no spectacle for people. However, if an overweight individual becomes less overweight a crowd of supporters come out cheering and chanting. Be the under-dog that everyone is rooting for. - Endu

We’re all a little too something: tall, short, skinny, fat, old, young, blonde, brunette, silly, uptight, etc. But when did who we are define our excuses? These are getting personal this week and I’m going to set them straight no matter who you are or what you think makes you exempt from working out.

I’m too fat--- You have to start somewhere and if you are fat, then your pounds are going to shred off quicker than someone smaller. Need some inspiration? Watch the biggest loser. Their workouts are intense and I know a lot of skinny people that would struggle through their workouts.

I’m too old--- You are never too old to start. I’ve seen 70 year olds at powerlifting competitions. 

As a whole, we are living longer. Therefore, you have even more time to begin a great workout regimen and possibly extend your life even longer, not only for yourself but your friends and family. 

Plus, the rest of your years you will feel better and be happier as well.

I’m too skinny--- Just because you’re skinny to the worlds standard doesn’t mean that you are exempt from working out. It’s not all about looks. I have friends that could probably be models they’re so tall and skinny but they eat horrible. I’m talking fast food 4-5 times a day. They can barely run down the hall or up the stairs without huffing and puffing. 

Remember it’s about the healthy lifestyle and the inside, not the fake outside. Read up real quick on Drew’s tomato analogy.

I’m too weak--- I remember feeling this a lot when it came to lifting weights especially. There’s people doing curls on every side of me with 75 lb dumbbells and here I am with my 5 lb dumbbells trying to muscle through an excruciating arm workout. But guess what? If they’re judging you, they’re in the wrong. They didn’t always have that 75 lb dumbbell. They had to start somewhere. And even though I struggled with 5 lb weights, I now struggle with 20s. Hard work means improvement. You’ll eventually get stronger, and even though some still say I’m weak, I look back and realize just how strong I really am now.

I’m too girly--- This one is for all you girly girls out there who have never touched a weight in their life. 

Don’t be scared to break a nail. Don’t be scared to sweat or mess up your hair or get bruises and callouses. It’s admirable. 

You don’t have to be jacked to work out. You don’t have to be on testosterone. You can be you. I go in with my earrings, braid, mascara, and nail polish, and work my butt off. That doesn’t make me a girly girl or a testosterone-filled woman. It does give me the right though to go home and feel better about dolling up for church or date night later that day. Break the stereotype that people have of you. Don’t be afraid to be who you are. Just be the you who is embracing better health and wellness for yourself.

I know I didn’t hit them all but you get the point. Think of what about you is stopping you from becoming a better you and put truth to it. Combat it and go Endu BECAUSE of who you are!

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